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Sorry for the garbled reply. My keyboard just bit it. Anyway, I was saying - you have to make sure to move the rig in pose-mode from the ROOT_BIND (round about the pelvis) and not in object mode. (That has been my experience anyway)

Oh no! Sticky keyboards are the worst! And they’re such a bitch to clean if they can be cleaned. And ahhh, about the poses. Yeah, that’s how I always move them. I don’t think I’ve ever done anything with poses in general in object mode, other than the initial append to bring in a second rig. Thanks for the info though! Maybe one day I’ll actually KNOW what I am doing instead of experimenting and banging on things until they work.

I seem to do that to a lot of folks. :) So no noob for you. Prolly just me making words up. Ha!

I’m sure that’s not it. I’m just very inexperienced with posing. I know what I know and nothing about anything else. :P

I got up at 3. I just can’t sleep right in this heat. Will probably nap with Biscuit later.

It really has been awful. My husband brought down our 2 box fans from our bedroom to put in the living room yesterday because the 2 down here already just weren’t enough. And we’re lucky to live in a valley on the coast which helps “regulate” the temperature. I can’t imagine being more inland. It’s consistently at least 10 degrees warmer in San Clemente/Mission Viejo.

Woke up about 0430 this morning with the husband as he was leaving for work. Went back to bed but couldn’t fall asleep. Nonetheless, I stayed in bed an extra 20 minutes or so because both Eli and Gabe were being extra snuggly and I didn’t want to disturb them.

Also, I could not find my coffee cup anywhere. It’s the only cup I’ve used for 2 years so when I couldn’t find it I went into mini-panic mode. Luckily hpneedsmorecoffee found it for me from halfway around the world. I can has coffee now.

sunnyssims replied to your post: sims-and-the-city replied to your post…

They’ll only snap if you append in the extra rigs. If you use the social blends (a2a, a2c, etc) they will not snap together game.

I have no idea what you just said! LOL! I’m such a noob. 

how do you get your poses to snap? I’ve been trying to figure it out forever!

I’m not expert but if you use multiple rigs in blender, how you position them will be how they orient themselves once you’ve got them in game. So, if you have a couple holding hands and create both the poses in blender at the same time, they’ll position themselves how you saved them. Kaleekalo covers multiple rigs in her Blender poses tutorial series.

You are inspiring in your organization skills Heaven. If I wasn’t studying at the Academy of Procrastination, I might do the same, lol :P

Bahaha! I’m getting my master’s from there! Why do you think I focus on everything BUT what I should really be doing? LOL!

Got tired of Rusty poses and their ridiculous names and non-snapping. I am now opening them all in Blender and fixing them.

roseoftheoakmoonsims sent:

Just wanted to let you know that circuswolf's frat bro fence link leads to a "URL not found". The ones you used for your Wickery Glen cabins.

Ahhh, yes. He deleted his tumblr account. He now has a new one though. I found these. However, from what I’ve read, these will show up in your game but not in the places that I used them since these are new instead of fixes to the old versions. 


Another two lots- the Llama do Redentor, and the Lower Cable Car station/visitor center. Panoramic views to be enjoyed by everyone- if you can get there.

Quick Question- does anyone have an issue with Constrainfloorelevation-ed foundations and walls not lighting up properly? I’d like the statue to light up, but it doesn’t!

WOW! That looks phenomenal! CFE and lighting has always been a bitch for me. All I can think to suggest would be those invisible buydebug lights.

Reblog if you don’t plan on leaving The Sims 3



I’m sad because a lot of blogs I like are choosing TS4 and completely dropping TS3. I just want to know if at least some people are sticking with TS3 or both TS3 and TS4

I don’t know about this whole TS4 thing… I’ll wait until there’s at least three EP’s! So yeah, I’ll stick around folks :) and so will Vendon!

I don’t plan on leaving TS3 at all. I’ve got too much to do left in TS3 *cough*BarHarbor*cough*

Alrighty! And it was the trestles. :3 I think you and I, for the most part, have the same store stuff. It’s taken a few tears and a bit of rage, but I almost have your Wickery Glen lots set up in my Moonlight Falls. I’m terrible at CC.

Awww, yeah I can understand that! I use more CC for lots that are originally designed for me to play with (since I want to use what I have) vs something I plan on uploading from the start. I still need to upload Wickery Glen! Though, if you’ve got everything placed, you won’t want to move it all to a new world anyway. :P

roseoftheoakmoonsims sent:

In the Corny but Gourdgeous lot, what is the table underneath the pumpkins and "general" register? And also the flat, slatted benches in you Moonlight Falls gym?

I used the trestle tables from AroundTheSims for the taller table under the pumpkins. If you mean the smaller table in front, that’s the crate and wheelbarrow table from the Stones Throw Greenhouse.

The slatted benches in the gym are from Cyclonesue’s Changing Room. There are a few more items from this set throughout the gym so I suggest getting the whole thing. However, if you only want the benches, it is the single cubicle bench.

Watching Walking Dead - S04E14: What the holy fuck?

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So my husband is finally catching up with Walking Dead. I was half a season ahead of him (I watched to the mid-season finale while he was deployed, then stopped). We’ve now made it to S04E08 and I’m all “nope, not going through that again”. I cried for DAYS when I watched it the first time. I’m making him watch it alone.