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This is such a beautiful picture.


I really love how crisp and clear and detailed #aWT’s default replacement eye meshes and iris and pupil sliders look (even without an HQ mod!), but the lack of toddler and child versions always annoyed me. I’m a bit persnickety about my game (I need consistency, lol), and I found the difference between the kid eyes and adult eyes disconcerting.

So I converted the meshes for the younger ages, but of course that wasn’t quite good enough. ;) I had to get those stupid sliders working for them too, which was not a quick or simple job. However, I did finally figure it out. =)

But anyway, on to the important stuff.

  • I converted Buhudain’s fix of #aWT’s default replacement eyeball mesh, so credit belongs to both of them for the original.
  • Similar to Buhudain, I am uploading TWO versions of the eye meshes. The first version uses the SimSkin Shader, meaning vampire and werewolf eyes will not glow but they ARE slider compatible, while the second version uses the SimEyes shader, meaning vampire and werewolf eyes will glow (or do they for kids? I don’t even know…) but they will NOT morph with the sliders.
  • USE ONLY ONE SHADER VERSION AT A TIME! Otherwise you’ll see some inconsistent and puzzling results.
  • You will still need either #aWT’s or Buhudain’s default replacement eyeball mesh for teens through elders. I am only uploading the toddler and child version.
  • Finally, I had to rebuild #aWT’s slider morphs from scratch to include children and toddlers, so if you want to use them you will need to either A) Remove #aWT’s old pupil and iris sliders from your game and replace them with my sliders or B) Place my sliders in your Overrides folder.

Whew! Sorry for the wall of text, but please read through it! I know it’s a bit confusing though, so I don’t mind answering questions. =)

Download #aWT’s Default Replacement Eye Meshes for Children & Toddlers SimSkin Shader Version (Slider Compatible) HERE.

Download #aWT’s Default Replacement Eye Meshes for Children & Toddlers SimEyes Shader Version (Slider INcompatible) HERE.

Download #aWT’s Eye Sliders Updated for All Ages HERE.

As always, please let me know if you have any issues! I’m moving houses this week, so I may be unavailable for a while, but I will try very hard to check in. Thank you!

Amazing! I’m so, so, so excited about these!

Halloween Photo Challenge

October 19th: Vampire

Halloween Photo Challenge

October 18th: Famous Couple

Halloween Photo Challenge

October 17th: Decade

She looks familiar; rough day, huh? ;)

Every morning when I’ve not had coffee!!!

Halloween Photo Challenge

October 16th: Zombie

Halloween Photo Challenge

October 15th: Candy

Halloween Photo Challenge

October 14th: Video Game Character

Halloween Photo Challenge

October 13th: Familiar


Gabe is finally getting his brother in game. 

Halloween Photo Challenge

October 12th: Masquerade


Working on a new sim. He looks so different in CAS that it’s adjust this little feature, just a tad that way, accept. Look at it game. Rinse and repeat. Over and over and over.

And the Correct Number of Matches Is…

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Now that everyone has paired off and is seated, we will find out how many matches are correct! Remember, you’ll find out how many matches are right, but not which ones. What you do with that information is up to you for the next week; both for the Truth Booth and the next match up ceremony.