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Welcome to my Simblr! I spend most of my sim time building rather than playing though I've been attempting to keep a legacy for over two years now. I'll post pictures from both my story and WIPs.

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Working on a decorative flower shop. I spy with my little eye some more EA crap that needs to be recolorable.

Happy Easter selfie-Sunday!

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Stopping by to tell you I love your sims, but I want to know more! List 5 facts about your most favorite sim of yours, and send this to 10 simblrs whose sims you adore. ♥

I’ve received a couple of these so I will finally get around to answering them! I’m going to go with Camille, my generation 5 heir and my favorite sim so far.

1. Because of some foolish decisions she made in high school, Camille almost wound up in jail and, once she graduated, her mother and step-father asked her to move out, hoping that she wouldn’t be a bad influence on her much younger sister.

2. Camille took a job with the St. Claire police department to help track down the people who practically ruined her life. She hated leaving Storybrook County, and her family, behind but it was made clear that she wasn’t wanted. Revenge and justice became somewhat of an obsession for her. She devoted her time to work and swore off meaningful relationships of any kind. (Spoiler…it’s a legacy. That didn’t work.)

3. Years later, a mistake at work almost cost her partner (and best friend), Pearl, her life when they went in for an arrest without back-up. Around this time, she also began an affair with reporter, Donovan Matter, who she met during her investigation. It eventually led to an unwanted pregnancy. She considered an abortion but instead decided to give the baby to Donovan when it was born.

4. She ended up having twins, a boy and a girl. There have been 5 sets of twins in the Avendale family tree. Camille’s generation and generation 2 are the only ones that do not have twins. All of the twins have also been boy/girl sets. 

5. Instead of giving the babies to Donovan and moving on, she moved in with him to help him raise them. Though when she moved in, they were not in a romantic relationship at all, by the time the twins were toddlers, she realized that she had fallen in love with him. Donovan and Camille were married a few years later and their children were their groomsman and bridesmaid.


Lavender Default Override 

I like making rows of lavender with Luna’s beautiful plants, and I hide the University harvestable amongst them.  My sims wander down the rows picking the herb.  When I am world-building, I prefer to play a CC free game.  I am a bit addicted to default overrides for making things look better without adding new content. So, here is a default override of the World Adventures lavender.  It makes it a lot fuller and more lush.  This is lavender at full bloom, with the buds open.

Naturally I had to go totally overboard, so I’ve made five different colors: deep purple, deep lavender, purple, half pink, and pink, each in a choice of resolution (low 512 or high 1024).  They don’t look all that different in the pictures, but in my game I noticed a big difference.  Choose one color/resolution only.  Preview pictures are included to help you choose the color.  

And just for kicks, I retextured the University herb plant to make it less leafy and more herbaceous.  It isn’t all that brilliant, but it is nice to have a bit of diversity in our harvestable gardens, so I thought I’d share that, too.  It will retexture all of the University herbs (not the beans or basil and cinnamon plants). This is included in the lavender download as a separate package:  

Download World Adventures lavender default retexture from dropbox

The deep purple is probably the best match if you are trying to blend it with Luna’s lavender (picture).  You can find all of her lavender at her site, here: Luna’s Lavender 

See how the deep purple looks with her lavender:

Luna's Lavender

And if you want to make the lavender even better, you can use it with Pocci’s plant mod to make it placeable on slots: Moar Flowering 

TOU: Feel free to alter these textures however you like, to share your improved versions, to use these textures to make other forms of CC, and to include this override as part of a custom world or any creation.  Please give credit where it makes sense to.  Thanks! 

OMG! It’s so beautiful! The lavender has always been one of my favorite plants but you just made it 100 times better. Thank you!

I’m not sure I’d have even noticed the eyebag if you hadn’t pointed it out.

It’s not nearly as noticeable on guys. I tested it on Zeke as well and could barely tell. But man, on the females, it’s the first thing my eyes were drawn too!

Ephemera’s updated Freckle skin: new one is on the left, old is on the right. I’m really liking the update, except for the added eyebag on the new one. Poor Anja looks SO tired. All the other edits are great but I really, really don’t like that one bit. Now to decide if I want to edit that bit out (meaning I couldn’t share when I upload sims), just suck it up and deal with it, or keep the old version.

ahh I wish I knew. They are so annoying. I’m trying out CCMagic and hoping it will help, but I don’t really know. Also I think there is a collection file xml mod at MTS that you could bust open and see how it works.

LOL! I made that. Or made one of them. The store stuff doesn’t show in that XML (as far as I saw). It’s like they’re their own little separate, clingy selves. I finally got some to delete but the ones I want to keep won’t stay where I want them. CC Magic hasn’t helped either because it they don’t show in it either. Damn sims3packs. Also…EA, why you make collection folders for clothes, that don’t show in build/buy, just to clog my stuff?

Random question…does anyone know if there is a way to get rid of store collection files? Or at least make them stick in the order you sort them? No matter what I do they always put themselves back at the top of the list. And get in the way since I don’t need them/never use them.




Sims 3 Store: May “Builders Set” Preview #5

Via SimGuruCopeland Did somebody ask for Re-colorable Stained Glass Windows? How about a screened in porch? </

Screen door and window, eh? Looks … familiar.



And not nearly as good. ;)

Map and Tech Support Replies:

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I HATE EA tech support. Not only have they removed the phone option (you have to sign in to their website and request a call for later if you really want to talk to someone), but the chat is horrible. I contacted them because I could not log in to my store account or see my purchase history and nothing would download to my launcher.

WHAT THE FUCK does the superpatch have to do with accessing my purchase history. This was the response: “I know I have provided you that information for your future.” At that point, everything was working for me again, which I told him. Then he gave me steps to clear my temp files from my C: drive. And then asked me if he could do anything else to assist me today. 


So, because I had this idea rolling around in my head and, as part of my nature, get distracted by pointless projects pretty easily, I decided to make a map of all the EA worlds and some of my most liked custom worlds to see how they would fit together. I took screenshots of each overview as well as playing through a day to see which direction the sun set. The second “project” picture shows how I did the coastlines for the towns.

No, Midnight Hollow does not exist to me. Monte Vista, Shang Simla, Al Simhara, and Champs le Sims seem to not be a part of “SimNation” and have been left off. Additionally, Lunar Lakes is technically supposed to be off world, so it doesn’t appear either.

OMG. I’m Liz Lemon. We’re all Liz Lemon.


Just let my daughter on a download spree for houses.

On Heavens page she said ‘Ooo, she’s good at Sims’

She’s now playing her family in Glendale ;)


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