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Jean Marlow for heavensims Are You The One?

A self confessed tomboy, Jean Marlow describes her life as a ‘bad soap opera’. Growing up in the roughest part of Bridgeport, the only girl among five older brothers, she spent her time fixing up old (and sometimes stolen) cars, brawling in bars, and looking after her mother while her father was in and out of jail. Looking for someone to drink you under the table? Fancy losing an arm wrestle? Maybe your car needs some engine work? Jean’s your girl. 

She doesn’t believe in social airs and graces, is outspoken and will gladly tell you when you’re wrong, isn’t afraid to get dirty and is a firm believer in ‘getting shit done.’ 

Jean wanted to sign up for AYTO because ‘there must be some form of cash prize, right?’ and thinks this is the only place to meet someone who won’t be vetted (read: scared away) by her big brothers.

Ooooh! I love her attitude. :D

When did going to the bookstore become such a hassle?

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Anyone know why this pose keeps showing like it is? It changes the name of the maker and the pose. I have no idea why &  I would love to find out.

Do you merge your poses? Merging them messes up the thumbnails in Pose Player. :)

I merge all my poses and I’ve only ever had issues with that pack, unmerged or not. I suspect that somehow the pose list wasn’t made/linked correctly but I can’t be positive.


Free to Good Home

Elijah (Eli) Winters, Contestant for heavensims' AYTO.

Elijah grew up in an orphanage.  He was too old to adopt readily, but still too young to really understand what was happening.  He doesn’t remember much about his family, but he does spend a great deal of time contemplating them.  It has left him pensive and moody at times.  At the orphanage, he never had much to call his own and soon learned that even a slice of bread at dinner was something to be closely guarded.

Despite his foibles, Eli is really quite amiable.  He has a scruffy charm that people find instantly endearing.  (You could say he’s a bit like catnip.) He gets along well with others for the most part and people generally enjoy having him around.  (Why he was never adopted is a mystery to all who know him.)  

Eli hopes one day to find a good home and a family to call his own.  While he is grounded enough to know that a reality show is not necessarily the best place to find those things, he does hope that the nation-wide exposure will act as a catalyst to finding the family he was separated from so long ago.

Eli is a private download for now.  (And the fact that he bears the same name as my cat is not a coincidence.  Eli-the-Cat is Eli-the-Sim’s namesake and inspiration.)

I’m pretty sure we can’t go wrong with a sim that uses a kitty as inspiration (or has my puppy’s name)!

Aw honey, congratulations!!! Hehe—I do think that’s a celebration worth dolling up for again, but, only if you want to. :3 We usually just spend our anniversaries curled up on the couch watching TV eating junk food… We’re very posh~

The only anniversaries we’ve really done a weekend away thing were for the 1st and the 5th. He was gone the 2nd and the 4th. I joked with him last night that he’s completely off the hook this year. I’m just happy that he got out of the field in time so I’m already quite satisfied and would love sitting around the house. 

kennzikaigesimified replied to your post: My husband has been in the field for t…

Your husband is in the military yes? :D What branch?

He’s in the Marine Corps. :)

martinessimblr replied to your post: My husband has been in the field for t…

You look beautiful! I can relate to the invisible eyelid problem - I don’t even bother with eye shadow and eyeliner always smudges everywhere :’(

Haha! Yeah, I normally don’t bother. One benefit of the smokey eye is that it’s intentionally smudged so I didn’t have to worry about that!

annywayssimblr replied to your post: My husband has been in the field for t…

Invisible smokey eyes = Ninja smokey eyes! That’s so cool xD You are so pretty, your husband better appreciates is :3

anitmb replied to your post: My husband has been in the field for t…

You are very pretty :)

kaleekalo replied to your post: My husband has been in the field for t…

Aww! So pretty! ♥ He better appreciate the effort!!

caterpillarsims replied to your post: My husband has been in the field for t…

You look lovely!

simtress replied to your post: My husband has been in the field for t…

you’re so pretty :)

plumblobs replied to your post: My husband has been in the field for t…

you are gorgeous *____* <3

You guys are all so amazing! 

And yes, he did appreciate it! Though it was a close tie with the hot shower and waiting beer. Today is our anniversary (6 years!) so I might have to make myself pretty again.

My husband has been in the field for the last week and a half and, if my calculations are correct and the instructors aren’t douche bags, should be home today. I’m so excited I actually put real make-up on, including eye shadow (it’s a smokey eye but my lack of visible eyelid prevents you from seeing it)! 

Need some decorating help:

I’m currently past the initial house shape and into doing the floorplans and furnishing for the Are You The One? mansion in Sao Paten. I typically don’t do a style like that or use bright colors much so I’m a little out of my comfort zone. Does anyone have any great pictures/website for inspiration for a South American/tropical vibe?



Meet Bridgette for heavensims Are You the One challenge! 

Growing up the youngest of three siblings and the only girl allowed for Bridgette to grow up spoiled, her parents gave her almost everything her heart desired. By the time she was on her own she had a hard time figuring out how to be independent. She between struggling to become the star she dreamed of being and taking care of the day to day necessities. She was about to call it quits and ask her family for help when a friend of hers had pointed her to the casting call for AYTO, she hopes to use this to launch herself into the life she wants- and hey if she finds love along they way who is she to say no?

Bridgette is a private download

She’s so cute but it sounds like she has a ruthless nature under that smile.


For heavensims' challenge.

Ada considers herself amongst the top 1% of partiers in the world. If there’s a party, you bet your ass she’ll be there. She also has a way with handling people who disagree with her way of life. You ask her to stop drinking? She asks if you want to have an athletic competition. An intervention? She complains that the ceiling is too low for beer pong. 

Why, you might ask, would someone like this want to participate in such a competition? Well, she gets bored of partying alone. She hopes find someone compatible to attend all the local fiestas with. And by compatible, she means hot.

Wow! I think she’s going to be a bad influence on the rest of the cast (aka a reality producer’s wet dream)!


Bronson Crane for heavensims' Are You The One Challenge.

Bronson Crane is an only child who was born and raised in a small suburban neighborhood. He hated being stuck in that dull town and feared his life would end up like his parents, passionless and empty, so he fled to the big city and hasn’t looked back. An aspiring artist, who is very critical of his work and often gets lost in his thoughts. Bronson has a bad habit that he can’t seem to shake, besides that he is very loyal, determined, caring and quite shy. The smallest things have a huge affect on him, he feels very deeply and more often than not blends into the background listening instead of interacting. In many possible relationships his introversion has been a hurdle that he hasn’t been able to clear just yet. 

Another male entry for our challenge! And the sensitive artist type too. ;)

Updated cabana house thing. One problem I’m going to have if I keep those arches is having to “redo” them every time I go in and out of the lot. The arches were placed with moveobjects over the fences. I can “force” it to show both but it doesn’t stay once I go to edit town. I really like the effect though.


 I would like to proudly introduce Harper Peters for heavensims Are You The One Challenge!

Harper Peters always knew she was destined for greatness. After all, her Mama told her she was too purdy for the park they lived in ‘most every day. In high school, her drama teacher told her she reminded him of a young Sandra Bullock in Pretty Woman before offering her private lessons. Harper found out soon enough that her teacher had been lying about the ‘lessons,’ but she the idea that she was destined to rise as a shining star in Simmywood stuck with her.

Sneaking out of a window late one night Harper managed to slowly hitch-hike across Sim Nation, finally reaching Simifornia with a trucker called Big Judd who was able to introduce her to some friends of his who were groupies with Bret Simichaels. Quickly realizing everything was a lot more expensive than she was used to Harper put out her all to make enough to get a tiny apartment she only crashed at between following Simichaels on tour with her fun new friends. More than a year later, Harper was surprised by an eviction notice. Simichaels, who had finally been paying Harper the attention she so craved, was mortified someone near to him could be so careless and sent her packing. Disheartened and shocked to find how much time had passed, her dream still unfulfilled, Harper gathered her pluck deciding to start anew. Maybe this time she could even find someone to share her dreams with.

Harper is a Private Download.

She is a PERFECT candidate for Are You the One! I am definitely looking forward to some Harper drama.

Just to let everyone know, the Are You The One challenge casting call is closed. People have reserved spots for all twenty sims!

If someone can’t make the deadline/pulls out, I’ll reopen the casting call though.

At least it looks interesting from Edit Town, right?