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Welcome to my Simblr! I spend most of my sim time building rather than playing though I've been attempting to keep a legacy for over two years now. I'll post pictures from both my story and WIPs.

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Completely in game, completely unedited.

Anonymous sent:

your stephen amell/oliver queen is so hot and spot on, will he be available for download or is he for private use only?

Thank you! He was mostly just a challenge to myself, to see if I could make a celebrity sim that actually looked like the celebrity, rather than just inspired by like I usually do. I’ll probably be tweaking him for a good while yet. I may make him available for download (no promised though) when I’m finally satisfied!

Just because I can.

Stephen Amell replies:

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His crooked nose is killing me.

Working on a new sim. The overlay looks damn near perfect but, without it, he’s not recognizable. Fucking sims man. Maybe it’s just a matter of finding the correct CC for him now.

I love it when he forgets to put his tongue away.

inabadromance sent:

hi heaven! i was wondering if you could help me out with something if i'm not bothering you. I'm trying to retexture a noncastable painting from Late Night. Is it possible to add variations if it doesn't have the texture tab available?

No bother at all! Yes and no. It needs to have a channel enabled. Without it, you can only switch by choosing a preset in the catalogue. Once you select it, you won’t be able to click CAST to switch the variation. Well, you can but then you get a "current style is invalid" error. The channel doesn’t have to actually change anything. If you’re cloning something that does not originally have any channels enabled, you can use Texture Tweaker to upgrade it to 4 channels. Then you can uncheck 3 of the channels in the CASt presets tab (PatternB, PatternC, & PatternD) so that your object only has 1 channel. 

That is how I made some of the recolorable flowers that weren’t recolorable at all - the original presets are still present (meaning no actual CASTability for preset1). Presets 2 and 3 have extra channels enabled. 

I’m not familiar with other methods but that’s how I’ve done it in the past. If you need any further help, don’t be afraid to ask. I hope you don’t mind but I’m going to publish this for other people that may be curious. :)

Finally got everything back installed with CC Magic. Open my game for the first time and get the missing objects have been replaced messages. Yes, I cleared my caches and rebuilt. Looked around - I have missing object resource instance xxxx boxes in my bakery. Not sure where else that might be happening but I shut it down without saving. I’m really starting to question why I even bother.



Rags to  Riches update!! Still having no job, Tyler and his adopted daughter Lilly have done really well, mostly from gardening. Lilly’s LTA is the bottomless nectar cellar (or whatever it is) so they’re branching out into endless life fruit and pomegranate trees!! Tyler’s built himself a new bedroom on the ground floor (he’s about to turn elder so he doesn’t want to be climbing up all those stairs) and the garden is starting to look loved.

As usual (not that many people tell me) let me know what you think!!

This is a stunning house!

Bahahah, this is hilarious.


Notice the discoloration on the scalp in the top left hand picture? My good friend heavensims discovered that bit of ugly on ephemera’s otherwise flawless WEAK Freckle non-default skin tone update, and as it’s her all time favorite I decided to fix it for her. I figured that other people might want it to, so I’m putting it up publicly for anyone else who uses that particular skin.

However, I didn’t want to steal ephemera’s work, so you will still need the original non-default skin tone as my package only contains the fixed scalp textures. You can download ephemera’s WEAK Freckle skin here (at the bottom of the post, click the link next to “more pics and info”). Just as a side note, you shouldn’t need to reapply the skin on any sims who are already using it. This fix will work automatically, although you WILL need to clear your caches (both your world caches and your regular caches).

To use my fixes, either place my package directly into your overrides folder or, if you don’t want any extra files, use S3PE to import the resources from my package into ephemera’s package, making sure the “replace duplicates” and “use resource name” boxes are ticked. If anyone needs more help with that second option, send me an ask and I will write up some better directions for you.

Download the scalp fix HERE.

If ephemera decides to fix the scalp on this skin tone themselves, I will gladly remove my download and delete this post, but until then enjoy! =)

Credits: CmarNYC for her Skininator and Peter and Inge Jones for S3PE.

Perfect! Thank you, thank you!

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I like plaid, mmkay?

My husband just sold his truck, which I absolutely loved. I’m so sad right now.